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Loosening my grip

Another way to say this is letting go.  

Lately this is something that life has been teaching me across the board. In my business. My partnership with Anthony. My plan about where my life is going. And it all turning out more beautifully than I could’ve imagined. Some ways that I’ve been loosening my grip are - Asking questions about my business during my meditation. Rather than forcing or pushing for clients to book times or for myself to work every day. I’m listening and receiving what I’m to do. - Letting go of expectations about how much time I want to spend with my fiancé or how we need to be with each other. Some days are lovey some are processing days some are productive days. - using micro dosing mushrooms as a tool for letting more magic and intuition into my life. For 3 months every 3rd day I was micro dosing and using the medicine very intentionally. It taught me a lot about letting life give me more surprise. More on this in a subsequent blog soon. - using sex magic to release control or achieving my goals. With Anthony and on my own too I’ve used intention setting and then directing my sexual energy toward the achievement of my and our dreams. Rather than striving in this practice I release control to power greater than myself to fulfill my hearts desires.  

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