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Baby Ana Rose is here! And we would love your support

My baby girl Ana Rose was born 2/25 at home in a wild Freebirth. We are fundraising my maternity leave and would love your support!

Big updates 💐


After 7 days of labor Ana rose was born at home with just my beloved and a good friend delivering her with me while another angel supported us and our home in the process. It has forever changed me.


I didn’t think I would be in my daughter’s life but after meeting her everything changed. I had a trauma response to pregnancy and was so disconnected from the experience. But clearing all that trauma in the birth and days that followed cracked my heart open in a whole new way.


I have been off work for much of the pregnancy and am taking 40 days of rest to recover. Without work, I have been receiving financially from anyone who feels called to support as her dad and my partner can’t support alone. My family is helping some but it takes a LOT to support 2 lives!


💐 Ana Rose is 4 weeks old today 👼🏼


💐 Ana rose and mama and daddy Daniel are headed to Gold Coast Australia April 7. 💒👼🏼🤱🏽 whew this feels really big. I don’t know what’s next after that, so plz don’t ask 😂


we would gladly receive your prayers, any financial support for the trip, and any connections you have for anyone you think could benefit from my magic in Gold Coast. 🫶🏽💞💋


I Know I am meant to keep my home here in Austin and will be back and forth. The frequency the how and if/when Ana rose comes with me are all unknown.

Could you support us? Every little bit helps when we do it together!



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