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Black lives matter...NOW WHAT???

It’s honestly been more intense receiving and consuming media only over the last week. 

I didn’t expect that. Honestly so selfish as it seems I expected it to feel like a reprieve.  It was hard for so many reasons but the main one was that I had to really FEEL what was going on. 

Not having a “pressure release valve” to push And post something that would bring in bring a wave of positive endorphins from seeing little “hearts” appearing in my screen had me get RECEPTIVE. 

and....fuck. There is a definite part of reality that has turmoil, pain, suffering on LOUDSPEAKER in the W🌎RLD and as much as I hate to say it, in my own microcosmic self reflection of it that I often AVOID looking at. 

You know, what you don’t see can’t hurt you type deal? Yup that was/is me. 

It had been my MO to “carefully cultivate” my intake of media to “avoid” anything that didn’t “align.” With me. What a load of BS. 

I discovered this week more then ever that I am actually able to feel these things that bring up discomfort and stay present.

There’s a whole part of me that keeps wanting to check out. To stop even seeing what’s going on. To not speak out, speak up. 

But here’s the thing that has landed like a fuck ton of bricks for me this week. 

I AM PART of the problem. It’s IN ME. ITS IN MY CELLS whether I think it is or not. My family and my family’s family are all part of this historical pattern.  My dna contains memories of hate, insjustice, discrimination in so many ways.

Turning always because I don’t “think racist thoughts” is so 2012. 

It’s 2020 people!! I’ve got to look at, WHATS IN MY BODY? What’s in my FAMILY LINEAGE?  It’s  about the body. And the body is NOT just me (neither is the soul or spirit but that’s a whol other post.)

My body is EARTH. I am part of this planet. I came from my Mama and my Tata and they came from my Grandmas and Grandpas. And they came from their Mamas and Daddy’s. 


It’s NOT about “ME” yet it does land on my plate to take responsibility. And more so to take PHYSICAL action. 

I am asking you to join me in this. 

Inspired by Kate from dance, Let’s 

Start where we can. With one cell. 

Who are the people who can do this? The people who can. We can. I can. So I must. 

I am ready to transform. 

There is always going to be more love available as we evolve. 

How can we evolve and transform even the tiniest part of our body?? That’s the place to start. 

I’ve been doing breathing, feeling, sounding, dancing, moving, earthing, ocean swimming, ritual creation, plant medicine over the past week to 

TRANSFORM and TRANSMUTE everything that’s coming up in the world right now and in my own little reflection of it. 

I’m not downplaying the phrase black lives matter. 

I’m just asking you, now what ACTION are YOU going to take about it? 

I’m called to pivot and stay sensitive to the current affairs. I’m here to offer coaching, and will hold a women’s circle soon. 

Thank you. I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. 


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