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What is Edging and Why do You need to Learn about it?

The power of edging.

Edging is what I like to call the ABC’s of Tantra for men. It’s one of the most common practices that I teach and a foundation of the Tantric healing sessions that I offer for male bodied people.

Edging is a process of finding a way to master the desire to ejaculate while expanding the amount of pleasure one can feel in their body. The edge is what I like to call a seven or eight out of 10 of arousal. One is the place of rest and 10 would be the place of ejaculation. Edging consists of riding waves of pleasure up to a seven or eight and then cooling down before finding another wave. Most people experience increasing pleasure over the course of several edges. Typically this practice ends without ejaculation, but rather an extended breathing process to bring the arousal back down to a comfortable low level.

This practice has been taught by Tantric masters for thousands of years. More importantly than any benefits of physical enjoyment are the deeper health benefits behind the practice. Edging is a super important way to activate our Eros and our turn on in the body without losing the benefits of that activation.

Excessive ejaculation can explain the majority of male health problems that we see rampant in our culture. Things such as cancer, prostate challenges, neurochemical imbalance, estrogen testosterone imbalances to name a few.

The reason that edging helps with all of these is that when men can reduce the frequency of their ejaculations, their body is not wasting energy repairing and rebuilding the semen. Every ejaculation requires the body to rebuild 40 to 100 MILLION sperm. That’s a lot of work!

That’s a large amount of vital energy that the body can direct towards other purposes when one can reduce the frequency of ejaculation. Also the process of rebuilding sperm takes longer and longer as men age. There’s naturally less resources and the body becomes slightly less efficient at rebuilding as we well know. So when a man is ejaculating daily into his 40s and 50s his body is not having time to catch up and is going into deficit. Hence problems arise such as ED, low libido etc which are simply The body‘s way to say that it needs to rest and recover happy then expand more sexual energy outwards.

When the body doesn’t need to be spending so much effort rebuilding semen you can rebuild you organs and clear out cells that are mutating before they become problematic. This reduces cancer risk and helps the body to regenerate and maintain health naturally.

This is only one benefit of edging though. When a man activates his body and is aroused up to that point of a seven or an eight he also is activating all of his glands as well as his circulatory system and releasing a cascade of neurochemicals that are very beneficial for mood stability and hormonal balance. When you complete a session of several edges without ejaculating at the end you retain the neurochemicals and allow them to continue to produce and circulate in the body rather than signaling the process to stop which is what happens with ejaculation.

Other benefits of edging are that it’s literally a work out for your penis and I’ve seen multiple reports of men firsthand whose penis size increased in the girth and/or length after several weeks of edging.

Also there’s a social impact to edging. A good friend of mine years ago told me that he did edging before important meetings and it had him feel super charged and powerful. He said that people listened to his ideas more and he felt more magnetic not only with women but in social settings with a platonic affinity with men as well. I’ve heard similar reports for many men and personally can feel the difference when my partner edges. The chemistry and spark between us is always strong but it’s even more potent when he has edged rather than ejaculated.

If this isn’t enough evidence and input to a least have you try edging ones I don’t know what will be :-) this practice is so healing and so simple. I suggest for most men to begin with alternating between edging only and then edging plus ejaculating the next day/session. Rather than ejaculating every time you edge or masturbate. Also it’s important to start to edge before ejaculating on days when you do ejaculate because it helps reinforce the new positive behavior and helps to start some of the hormonal shifts. I like to say that the edging will slowly crowd out your relationship to masturbating to ejaculation rather than trying to swiftly change your habits.

The prescribed best case scenario for men by age regarding frequency of ejaculation is approximately as follows.

20s - every 4 days

30s - every 8 days

40s - every 10 days

50s - every 20 days

60s and up - once a month maximum ideally longer

Want to learn more? I’ve worked with over 350 men in my career and this is one of the main practices I teach. So book a session with me if you want to learn more! Go to the site menu and click “Book Online” today.

p.s. LADIES! Please share this with your men, you can also learn more in the book “The Multi Orgasmic Couple” please share this practice with men. This does NOT apply to female anatomy. More on that soon!



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