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Preparation, silence, Source.


Making ready for all that is to come. Every moment in life is preparing me for the next. But sometimes I’m more present to this than others. 

Over the last few months I feel I’ve been making ready for this time of Highden. I began to be prepared before even knowing that this was going to become a reality. I don’t think I actually knew until about six weeks ago. But I can see that all kinds of components from the summer have prepared me. Leaving LA. The road trip. Burning man. Learning how to create space again and again. Learning how to make home. Earning money to support this time. The go fund me, someone suggesting the car to get. 

So many of these components occurred as an inspiration. Ideas that divinely popped in. 

It’s no doubt that my experience of life is an unfolding of a path which has already been laid out. Down to the smallest kinds of details such as that I collected a box full of triangular rocks in the end of July. And this month now I’m being asked to make a rock grid. I already have the rocks! 

How is this kind of knowing possible? 

It’s all inside of the illusion of time, and the fact that this divine knowledge is already wound inside each of us. Time seems to unfold in a certain linear way, but tapping into this knowledge can occur in a non-linear fashion.

Time is definitely dimension we must work with him. But it moments it seems to bend. At moments knowledge seems to come to me from what we would call the future. Future knowing Definitely seems to me to be one of our innate human abilities. Similar to the way the animals begin to know when the fall is coming. We are connected to these rhythms and can’t anticipate. 

The way for me to bypass time and tap into this knowing is that I can hear in the silence. 

This is an age old piece of wisdom. It’s in the Bible, the Vedic traditions, that’s why people used to go sit on the mountaintop. It’s silent! It’s ironic that we hear in the silence. We think of silence as the absence of sound. But to me silence is an abundance of words. It’s a chance to tap into the natural Language of nature. The infinite knowledge that’s available outside the dimension of time. It’s referenced in the alchemist. In the dream language. For me silence can be the waking dream.

When I was living in Venice Beach my main complaint was that there was never silence. I could hear the people on the boardwalk, my neighbors through the thin walls and windows. The kids in the other room yelling. It was nearly impossible to hear myself and her knowing that comes through in silence. Once I began to sit in silence again by going out to the water or to the desert I started to hear this language and where I was meant to go. Something similar happened to me several years ago when I began this journey.

When I had been living in Indiana with my husband at the time, I was miserable, confused and sad and lifeless. I started to go sit in the park each morning with a five minute timer to be in silence. I credit that (whatever you want to call it- meditation, time alone, listening time) with seeding the beginning of my time of exploration and becoming nomadic. I was able to hear again.

I am prepared in the silence. Thank you goddess creator source spirit for your teachings.

This morning as I sit by this river in silence these words flow through me. The words flow through silence the same way the water flows through the rocks.

The Bible quote, “be still and know that I am God,” contains this powerful phrase “I am.” To me that is where the awareness of our consciousness lies. The knowing that I am. That I exist! 

What I hear in that phrase is be still and know your own existence and know that your own existence is source. I do not believe we are separate from the creator. I do not believe in an external God. I believe we exist in the soup of what source is. And that there is a fractal like point within me and within each being that is human being from which this radiates. I do believe it’s the same energy which flows through rocks trees dogs and water. Everything in existence in fact. Divine knowledge is all inside of us. We each are the creator incarnate in this lifetime.

I am ready.

Ready to create. Ready to play. Ready to be met and to meet More and more by others who share this deep knowing. 

I am ready. I am silent. I am listening.



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