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Sex in the time of Corona

Maybe you’re feeling like a snail. Warm socks, jammies, no makeup and not having showered in a day. Sex is the last thing on your mind.

Maybe you’re feeling like a caged lion, ready to pounce on the next fresh of hunk meat that walks by your cage… I mean front door.

Fantasies could be more active than normal, you may be self-pleasuring too much, or not as much as usual.

And guess what…. its OK! Yes, you’re ok, it’s ok, it’s all good.

These are crazy STRESSFUL times!

Stress impacts our sexual response. And it impacts each person in different ways depending on their homeostasis- what their innate resting point is in the body.

You know me, I love science.

So let’s take a look at the science behind all this - cortisol is a stress hormone - when we are scared, shocked, or in the good old days, when that hyena was about to eat your leg, your body produces cortisol.

However, bad news is, your body doesn’t know the difference right now between a true threat like a hyena eating your leg and things like: news about corona, messages from your stressed friends, worrying about money, not sleeping enough, not exercising enough, etc.

So this can really show up in the way that it impacts your sex life and it can go different ways for each person as I mentioned.

If you’re feeling less sexy than usual read this -

The healthy nervous system knows how to deal with the crisis, get safe, and stop producing cortisol.

However, the chronically stressed nervous system stays in a state of over-production of cortisol. This kind of response leads to a decrease in your libido because your arousal is suppressed when you’re over flooded with cortisol.

If you’re feeling more sexy than usual read this -

Sex is also a self soothing mechanism for most of us. If we associate sex with the relief that comes when our body dumps oxytocin and dopamine especially at the point of orgasm, some of us are going to go all out trying to self-soothe.

Either way - guess what? Your body has the solution built in!

It’s your vagus nerve. Yep. You can regulate your nervous system yourself!

When we stimulate the vagus nerve it takes us out of fight or flight into rest and digest and calms us down.

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter that is released from stimulating the vagus nerve and this tells your body to chill out.

The best ways to stimulate the vagus nerve are controlled breath, sound and movement in a calm manner.

Want to learn more about how to do these kinds of exercises?

Join one of my women’s circles this week!

Or message me through my site to receive a free guided pleasure meditation where I can lead you through these exercises on your own.

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