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Light your fire

a 6 week transformational journey to light your inner fire and keep burning bright! 

What you get:

  • Weekly 90 minute class

  • Facebook Group with support from members

  • Experience/discover 6 types of female orgasm

  • Weekly homework to push your edges

  • Support to expand into your on fire self

  • Yoni wand/crystal wand mailed to you

Imagine being part of a group of women who over the course of 6 weeks transform into even more radiant powerful beings that are turned on and blown away by the magic of being alive!


Want in?


This is for you! During “Light Your Fire” we will ignite that light in you and learn how to keep this fire burning bright within yourself!


6 weeks 

12 women 




When we are contracted, shut down and numb, everyday life is a reflection of that. 


To thaw ourselves out we have to learn how to IGNITE our fire! And to do this we have to learn how to allow ourselves to FEEL. Physically and emotionally.


As we blossom, expand and gain sensitivity, we can absorb all of life around us more fully. 


And when we can absorb life fully we can also SHARE ourselves. Our own unique FLAVOR and unique GIFTS. 


This growth into our fully connected, fully feeling selves is HARD! It takes SUPPORT. 


That’s what this course is for!





You feel numb, stuck, overwhelmed, dull, depressed, frustrated, disconnected about some aspect of life.


You want to understand your body more deeply or the importance of self pleasure.

You aren't making the money you desire.


You can’t feel anything. Physically or emotionally. Or you want to feel MORE.


You don’t know what you’re feeling. Or you have too many feelings to know what to do with them.


You have shame around MASTURBATION, self-pleasure, sexuality or sexual expression.


You don’t know what your unique gifts are. Or you do, but you know you're not sharing them the way you could!


You know what your gift is but you’re stuck on how to share it in the world.




Are you a YES to one of more of these? 

I know the pain of feeling stuck, repressed, frozen.

I lived my first 20 something years of life there! My own desire for liberation and to ignite my fire has led me to this point now. I love the feminine fire.

I’m here to serve this love. In all of us. To awaken that fire. This offering was born in the cauldron of my own fire, and endless love and potential exists there.

I have seen and felt the fires ignited in so many I’ve worked with. There is nothing better than that feeling. 

Interested but have questions? Schedule a call with me.


Course Info

Start date November 15, 2021 8 PM CST


Once a week on Monday at 8 PM CST we will have a live 90 minute class via Zoom for 6 weeks and have a break December 13. This is a live video conference software and we will be able to interact with one another. 


If you can't join live, the recording will be published to the Facebook group for you to watch on your own. It's ok if you miss up to 2 classes and watch the recordings.

Weekly self-study will be given out after the class each Friday. 


In the Facebook group I will also post weekly discussion questions. 


TUITION  $1200

Option 1

  • $1000 ONLY if you pay upfront! ($200 discount!!)

Option 2

  • 2 payments of $600, one  to save your spot and the other one in 1 month

Option 3

  • 4 payments of $300, one now, and one per month for next 3 months

*One scholarship spot available for the right person who wants to join the program!*


Pick your option when you sign up today!

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