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An invitation to Multi-Gen Meditation

Going under, like under water has been the experience. Calm, muffled, suspended, peaceful.

Ready for change, I arrived to a calm clearing where I am appreciating everything around me.

The climate is ideal, the people are welcoming, the foliage gorgeous, the days are serene. My continual experience is one of amazement and wonder. Discovering a new ay that I can live, where I can take time to wander and explore.

I dreamed of this life for years. Sarah Wilson has been a great source of inspiration for me since 2014, an example of someone really living, posting photos of the beaches, cafes, and health-focused life of Australia. I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed some more that one day I could live that life.

Last week I woke up from the dreams and I found that finally I had arrived. I dreamed my life into existence around me.

Many people are asking me how I got here, how I created this life, how I dreamed it into existence.

The only answer I have is "Landmark." My work with this organization, Landmark Worldwide has gotten me out of my own way and has allowed me the realizations that have given me the freedom to accept my deepest heart's desires and to fully pursue them without holding back. (I don't receive anything in return for sharing about Landmark or for people I know attending. Other than a Whole lot of Joy and excitement!)


One thing that I have gotten from Landmark is that I have the opportunity to really create a contribution at the global level. The past was a worry that I wasn't able, or had to "figure out what to do" or had to "take the right steps," if I was going to help or impact anyone.

With the Landmark program I am involved with now, called Self Expression and Leadership, I have the opportunity to BE myself and through that expression, discover what I can contribute to others.

And what I have to contribute is a passion about bringing people together for the experience of friendship, communication, and peace of mind. Exaclty as I am in this moment, I have taken on that I can be a contribution in the world based on my unique expression. My experience in life has been that of learning so much from and loving people from other generations, and not seeing many young people taking on building those kinds of connections.

From that space, I have created that I am going to organize two


Brisbane: November 11, 2017 at 3:33 PM

San Antonio, Texas: December 9, 2017 at 3:33 PM

The meditation will happen with people from the Boomer generation (and beyond!) being matched with young people from the teenage years to early 30's to meditate and share together! Before and after the meditation the pairs will be given a real opportunity to share with one another about how peace of mind and friendship could make a difference in their lives.

What becomes possible when vulnerability, sharing, and new connection are created is a shift in how we create communities and friendships. A shift in who could be our friend, our lover, our partner, our mentor. And fundamentally there is a shift in the way information is shared.

There is also transformation in the conversation about death. The older generations are facing fear of death and the conversations of life being in the later stage. Younger generations are facing the curiosity about those phases and are able to grow and learn about how to talk about end of life and how to celebrate experience and learning.

The event doesn't have anything to do with me at the end of the day. It has to do everything with YOU! Yes, YOU!

This event is coming into being through the people in my life and through the communities I target to participate in being with me on the journey to express these possibilities. I invite you to see how or if you could get involved in this project with me. What could become possible in your life from collaborating with me on this?

You are my support and I, yours. Walk with me.


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