On my own journey to healing, I have found many tools to share for liberating others.

As a Coach and Healer, it would be an honor to share my gifts with you.

About me

Through my own healing journey I have dealt with many issues around intimacy and use my own experience as a foundation for the healing I can offer you.


I have a Masters in Psychology and am a Reiki Master, combined with several Tantric trainings and years practicing meditation and yoga. 


My skills surpass that of my training as my deep gift is my intuitive ability. I can read beyond the surface of what you are dealing with and share insight into your energetic and emotional state. 

Pavlov's BLOG

March 3, 2020

When I went to Peru I took about three weeks off of my daily self pleasure practice. This practice was something that I had cultivated over the past several years. And it’s the bread and butter of what I teach. Not only to women but men as well. So letting go of this practice was something totally new for me. This would b...

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Pavlov's BLOG

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