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Bold new moon.

I pulled the card on the left from a tarot deck after breath work last night. The perfect thing to do on the new moon. The thing that is amazing, I had saved the picture on the right on May twenty eight after seeing that card online somewhere.

The card is all about power, owning who you are, enjoyment and release. It says that Freiya rides a golden chariot pulled by big cats across the rainbow bridge.

There is so much symbolism in that for me. I am taking away the following.

In April I had a reading done at a place called the Rainbow connection, and the woman there told me that I was going to have lion power animal coming in for me. And that some big road blocks would come up and that I had to stop trying to push through them and take a detour. After that I started seeing things about rainbows everywhere.

The car I was driving broke down leaving her appointment, I had to leave it on the side of the road.

In the months since I have been really discovering how much I have a tendency to suppress myself and have been breaking it down. Going around the road block. Dressing how my heart calls, speaking the exact things on my mind. Taking on my emotional eating that arises when I feel anything less than radian and exquisite.

It’s making a huge difference. I am finding joy, bliss, enjoyment, it’s what took me to Greece even.

Pulling this card today is perfect. It’s a sign of a culmination of the past two months of lessons. Now I am ready for the upcoming trip to India, for the workshops I have on at the end of the month.

And what I am taking into tomorrow and into this moment right now, is being unleashed in a whole new level of Bold. BOLD.


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