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Journey with food

Recently I spoke for a group about vegan eating. I am not super strict to eating vegan all the time but I have gone through many extended periods that I do. And I feel great from it when it’s what my body’s asking for.

Growing up I ate a vegetarian diet thanks to my mom’s influence there. As a young teenager I got curious about meat (among many other things ;-) ) and tried my sister in law’s meat loaf. I didn’t start to regularly consume meat until I was about 18 and doing some heavy weight training. Then my body craved the meat, or I thought it did, so I ate meat for a time.

Around five years ago I had a lot of thyroid, hormonal, and menstrual irregularities happening. It was at that time that I set out to learn about healing with food as medicine. I tried so many things, the main effective ones were to transform my relationship with sugar, and ate a variety of high quality lamb, fish, and local chicken along with a whole food diet.

After that came though, and I experienced healing, my body stopped asking for meat again.

Also my training changed and I began doing endurance training for triathlon. During that phase I returned to my vegan/vegetarian eating habits.

And over the last year after doing the triathlon Nationals, and then mainly doing yoga, simple strength training, dancing and running, my body mainly asks for a vegan diet.

This week I am trying out something new, a juice detox. I have played with juicing and with drinking juice in addition to my solid food intake, but this is totally new for me.

In just the first days of the detox here are some of the breakthroughs I have experienced:

  • Realizing different kinds of hunger: stomach/body/mind hunger

  • Finding a fear of not being able to “make it” - that I am going to run out of something that I have now (strength to resist solid food/energy/etc) as time goes on

  • social pull to eat around others

  • Reluctance to plan and prepare as is needed for the diet and to travel. For example tonight I am going to camp at the ocean and I am bringing the juice with me

What have I discovered as benefits

  • less focus on food = more mental and actual time to pend on the people around me and the people in my life

  • Energy from within, can’t describe the sensation exactly, but it’s like self generated energy rather than an “applied” feeling like coffee

  • Allowing myself to “drift” into more creativity, spiritually, visioning

  • I have meditated a lot more than usual

  • Ability to connect to others is heightened. I realize how I use hunger and food to pull myself away

Any food/ spirituality connections you have found?

Any questions about health and diet? I am available for coaching about this area of life too!

Get in touch and start causing the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for today!


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