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New Moon Rituals To Support the Next
Level You

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So many of us have the call to start our own business, to break out of the life we have led up to now, to START something new! 

It’s in this energy of anything and everything but also nothingness that all of life is born. 


Rumi said - if you want to be painted become a blank canvas. 


Every month we will become a blank canvas, and create anew again as a group. By releasing all that is holding us back and working with the divine feminine energy of the cycles of the moon, we will make room for strong accountability and support to hold you on a journey of UpLeveling. We will have 13 rituals this year, on or near every new moon in 2024 at 6 pm PST, ending December 2024. 


We will combine magic and ritual with well tested structured methods for creating successful outcomes in business/romance/LIFE! I’ve coached hundreds of people over the last 5 years with these methods and they WORK.

The COLLECTIVE supports our intentions to realize.


You know if you know. There isn’t much more to say.

If you’ve been wanting to create content at a higher caliber. If you’re wanting to have a 6 figure business (or 7 figure or beyond!). If you have a call to teach, share or create programs. If relationship is part of your dharma and you desire to have the best possible relationship you can imagine. If you’re ready to call in that person (or those people) to have that relationship with. If you’re ready to have a deeply satisfying sexual life. If you’re ready to have a body transformation or fall in love with your body as it is. If you’re ready to heal and release physical pain/did-ease/trauma. 


Join us . 


The key word is READY. YOU have to want it. And if you want it. This is the place to come to become it. To BE it. To bring it into your reality. 

We lift one another as we help each other rise and grow. I feel that this coming year is calling for massive expansion. And it’s not a personal call. It’s a call to the soul group we resonate with. And if you are reading this, you’re part of this group too! 
Our instructors have been using the new moon practice we will be sharing for over 2 years to create and grow. It’s immensely powerful. It’s so exciting to feel into sharing and playing together.



This course is $2424, paid in full

Payment plans are available to break the payment into more payments if needed. If one of these doesn't work for you ask me for what you need!

Pick your UpLeveled Option and join us!


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Join us via the Zoom link above for our First UpLevel 2024 New Moon Ritual January 11th 8pm CT to get a feel for the journey!

The power of intention, word, and integrity are strong principles of the container. There is scientific evidence that sharing dreams and desires in the presence of 8 or more people has a quantum effect on the likelihood of these dreams becoming real. 


There is a collective consciousness and power that forms in sacred containers such as this, which enables the individual to produce results that go above and beyond what one can do alone. 

What you get 

  • Magical Rituals on/near the new moon to take life to next level (meet on zoom)

  • Zoom recordings of the rituals (You may miss as many rituals as needed)

  • Telegram group for community, communication, inspiration and accountability 

  • Monthly and Weekly action items/homework

Your Instructors

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