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Life is beautiful.

I'm ready to fold and bend and twist in new ways. Ready to be honest at a new depth.

Ok to see others disappointed around me when I stand for what I want.

I'm unwilling to compromise my own truth.

No longer willing to give up my voice to please or cater or yield. What is natural for me and fundamental deep truth is unmistakable. No longer willing to punish or deny myself of my heart's calling. I danced and writhed and fell and got up and fell and got up.

In life, on this journey to now, yes. But also on the dance floor this morning. My spirit trying to fly from my chest it felt. I got to find new motions, new expressions with others where I was still constrained.

The voice in my mind saying "don't be too expressed" and I got to move and express anyway. I can see that voice comes a lifetime of being told to not be "arrogant" or "draw too much attention" because that's not what good Catholic girls do.

And it was still there, on the dance floor, even as a woman now.

I'm letting that all go.

Finding the safety and beauty of expression. The beauty of individual uniqueness. It's lovely. Let yours free.


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