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transformative relationships and intimacy.

On my own journey of healing, I have found many tools for liberation, pleasure, and love.

As a Coach and Fellow Human it is my honor to share these gifts with you.

I am available in Austin, TX or online this year for virtual coaching and healing sessions!

Through her own healing journey Olivia has dealt with many challenges around intimacy and relationships. She uses her own experience as a foundation for the transformation she can offer you.


Olivia Pavlov (often called Liv) has a Masters in Psychology and is a Reiki Master, and over 6 years of practice as a Tantric healer. She has attended numerous Tantra trainings with Source Tantra, ISTA (International School of Arts) and the School of Womanly arts to name a few. 

Combined with years practicing meditation and yoga, she has extensive experience with plant medicine and shamanic training with several schools, and incorporates all these modalities in her coaching and healing work.


Her skills surpass that of these trainings as her deep gift is her intuitive ability. She can read beyond the surface of what you are dealing with and share insight into your energetic and emotional state. 

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Olivia's Instagram 

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